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Blockchain backends

This module provides the implementation of a few commonly-used backends like Electrum, Esplora and Compact Filters/Neutrino, along with a generalized trait Blockchain that can be implemented to build customized backends.


pub use any::AnyBlockchain;
pub use any::AnyBlockchainConfig;
pub use self::electrum::ElectrumBlockchain;
pub use self::electrum::ElectrumBlockchainConfig;
pub use self::rpc::RpcBlockchain;
pub use self::rpc::RpcConfig;
pub use self::compact_filters::CompactFiltersBlockchain;


Runtime-checked blockchain types
Compact Filters
Rpc Blockchain


Structure that implements the logic to sync with Esplora
Type that implements Progress and logs at level INFO every update received
Type that implements Progress and drops every update received


Capabilities that can be supported by a Blockchain backend


Trait that defines the actions that must be supported by a blockchain backend
Trait for a factory of blockchains that share the underlying connection or configuration
Trait for Blockchain types that can be created given a configuration
Trait for getting block hash by block height
Trait for getting the current height of the blockchain.
Trait for getting a transaction by txid
Trait for types that can receive and process progress updates during WalletSync::wallet_sync and WalletSync::wallet_setup
Trait for blockchains that don’t contain any state
Trait for blockchains that can sync by updating the database directly.


Create a new instance of LogProgress
Create a new instance of NoopProgress
Shortcut to create a channel (pair of Sender and Receiver) that can transport ProgressData

Type Definitions

Data sent with a progress update over a channel