This is supported on crate feature rpc only.
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Rpc Blockchain

Backend that gets blockchain data from Bitcoin Core RPC

This is an EXPERIMENTAL feature, API and other major changes are expected.


let config = RpcConfig {
    url: "".to_string(),
    auth: Auth::Cookie {
        file: "/home/user/.bitcoin/.cookie".into(),
    network: bdk::bitcoin::Network::Testnet,
    wallet_name: "wallet_name".to_string(),
    sync_params: None,
let blockchain = RpcBlockchain::from_config(&config);


The main struct for RPC backend implementing the crate::blockchain::Blockchain trait

Factory of RpcBlockchain instances, implements BlockchainFactory

RpcBlockchain configuration options

Sync parameters for Bitcoin Core RPC.


This struct is equivalent to [bitcoincore_rpc::Auth] but it implements serde::Serialize To be removed once upstream equivalent is implementing Serialize (json serialization format should be the same), see rust-bitcoincore-rpc/pull/181