pub trait Database: BatchOperations {
Show 13 methods fn check_descriptor_checksum<B: AsRef<[u8]>>(
        &mut self,
        keychain: KeychainKind,
        bytes: B
    ) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn iter_script_pubkeys(
        keychain: Option<KeychainKind>
    ) -> Result<Vec<Script>, Error>;
fn iter_utxos(&self) -> Result<Vec<LocalUtxo>, Error>;
fn iter_raw_txs(&self) -> Result<Vec<Transaction>, Error>;
fn iter_txs(
        include_raw: bool
    ) -> Result<Vec<TransactionDetails>, Error>;
fn get_script_pubkey_from_path(
        keychain: KeychainKind,
        child: u32
    ) -> Result<Option<Script>, Error>;
fn get_path_from_script_pubkey(
        script: &Script
    ) -> Result<Option<(KeychainKind, u32)>, Error>;
fn get_utxo(&self, outpoint: &OutPoint) -> Result<Option<LocalUtxo>, Error>;
fn get_raw_tx(&self, txid: &Txid) -> Result<Option<Transaction>, Error>;
fn get_tx(
        txid: &Txid,
        include_raw: bool
    ) -> Result<Option<TransactionDetails>, Error>;
fn get_last_index(
        keychain: KeychainKind
    ) -> Result<Option<u32>, Error>;
fn get_sync_time(&self) -> Result<Option<SyncTime>, Error>;
fn increment_last_index(
        &mut self,
        keychain: KeychainKind
    ) -> Result<u32, Error>;
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Trait for reading data from a database

This traits defines the operations that can be used to read data out of a database

Required methods

Read and checks the descriptor checksum for a given keychain.

Should return Error::ChecksumMismatch if the checksum doesn’t match. If there’s no checksum in the database, simply store it for the next time.

Return the list of script_pubkeys

Return the list of LocalUtxos

Return the list of raw transactions

Return the list of transactions metadata

Fetch a script_pubkey given the child number of a keychain.

Fetch the keychain and child number of a given script_pubkey

Fetch a LocalUtxo given its [OutPoint]

Fetch a raw transaction given its [Txid]

Fetch the transaction metadata and optionally also the raw transaction

Return the last derivation index for a keychain.

Return the sync time, if present

Increment the last derivation index for a keychain and return it

It should insert and return 0 if not present in the database

Implementations on Foreign Types