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This module contains generic utilities to work with descriptors, plus some re-exported types from [miniscript].


pub use self::checksum::get_checksum;
pub use self::error::Error as DescriptorError;
pub use self::policy::Policy;


Descriptor checksum

Descriptor errors

Descriptor policy

Descriptor templates


Extended DescriptorPublicKey that has been derived

Top-level script AST type


Script descriptor

Legacy ScriptContext To be used as P2SH scripts For creation of Bare scriptpubkeys, construct the Miniscript under Bare ScriptContext

Segwitv0 ScriptContext


Trait implemented on Descriptors to add a method to extract the spending policy

Trait for types which can be converted into an ExtendedDescriptor and a KeyMap usable by a wallet in a specific [Network]

The ScriptContext for Miniscript. Additional type information associated with miniscript that is used for carrying out checks that dependent on the context under which the script is used. For example, disallowing uncompressed keys in Segwit context

Type Definitions

Alias for a Descriptor that contains extended derived keys

Alias for a Descriptor that can contain extended keys using DescriptorPublicKey

Alias for the type of maps that represent derivation paths in a psbt::Input or psbt::Output

Alias type for a map of public key to secret key