pub trait CoinSelectionAlgorithm: Debug {
    fn coin_select(
        required_utxos: Vec<WeightedUtxo>,
        optional_utxos: Vec<WeightedUtxo>,
        fee_rate: FeeRate,
        target_amount: u64,
        drain_script: &Script
    ) -> Result<CoinSelectionResult, Error>; }
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Trait for generalized coin selection algorithms

This trait can be implemented to make the Wallet use a customized coin selection algorithm when it creates transactions.

For an example see this module’s documentation.

Required Methods§

Perform the coin selection

  • database: a reference to the wallet’s database that can be used to lookup additional details for a specific UTXO
  • required_utxos: the utxos that must be spent regardless of target_amount with their weight cost
  • optional_utxos: the remaining available utxos to satisfy target_amount with their weight cost
  • fee_rate: fee rate to use
  • target_amount: the outgoing amount in satoshis and the fees already accumulated from added outputs and transaction’s header.
  • drain_script: the script to use in case of change