Module bdk_wallet::wallet

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This module defines the Wallet.


Coin selection
Errors that can be thrown by the Wallet
Wallet export
Generalized signers
Transaction builder


A derived address and the index it was found at. For convenience this automatically derefs to Address
Balance, differentiated into various categories.
The changes made to a wallet by applying an Update.
An update to Wallet.
A Bitcoin wallet


An error that may occur when applying a block to Wallet.
An error that may occur when inserting a transaction into Wallet.
The error type when loading a Wallet from persistence.
The error type when constructing a fresh Wallet.
Error type for when we try load a Wallet from persistence and creating it if non-existent.


Trait to check if a value is below the dust limit. We are performing dust value calculation for a given script public key using rust-bitcoin to keep it compatible with network dust rate


Deterministically generate a unique name given the descriptors defining the wallet