Bitcoin Dev Kit

With BDK, you can seamlessly build cross platform mobile wallets

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Designed from the ground up to be easily customized to your application needs: blockchain backends, databases, signers, coin selection, key management and more.

Focus on what matters

All of the low-level Bitcoin logic is handled by us, so you can focus on crafting custom-tailored user experiences.

High performance & compact

As lightweight as you need it to be and optimized to run on all modern-day embedded devices such as mobile phones, IoT devices, PoS terminals and more.

Why BDK?

The simplest way to integrate Bitcoin wallet features into any application

Multi-Language Support

We are building native API's for C, Swift, Java & Kotlin so you can easily integrate Bitcoin in your preferred programming language on mobile.


Through descriptors and miniscript we support generalized wallet spending conditions. This provides wallets with first class support for very complex spending policies, without having to individually translate them into code.

Custom Block Data Sources

Use a local full node, an SPV node, or your own Electrum or Esplora server with API access to source data about the blockchain. You choose exactly what's right for your project.

Cross Platform

The core logic is feature rich allowing you to build any wallet from scratch on mobile, desktop and even WebAssembly.