Welcome! below is an overview of the Bitcoin Dev Kit project's objectives, background, planned features and a very rough road map. If you have any questions or would like to get involved please send us a DM on twitter @bitcoindevkit.


Create a secure and easy to use mobile cross platform (iOS/Android) Bitcoin wallet dev kit and example wallet app. Support integration and use by teams creating mobile bitcoin applications that require a bitcoin wallet such as multi-key vaults, mixing services, decentralized exchanges, privacy focused wallets, etc. Provide pluggable modules to support different options for accessing blockchain data (ie. BIP-157, Electrum, Core RPC), and for storing block and wallet data. As a long term goal also add pluggable modules for services such as coin selection, or alternative transports (ie. TOR, mesh wireless) and hardware security support. Ultimately this project should integrate with the LDK project to enable seamless on chain and off chain wallet features.


This project grew out of a desire to build a mobile multi-sig wallet app. That app was originally based on the bitcoinj library but bitcoinj could not be used on iOS and was slow to adopt protocol improvements like Segwit. In searching for a suitable replacement we found the rust-bitcoin suite of projects and the defiads project which together implement a functional bitcoin wallet. The author of defiads, Tamás Blummer, confirmed his vision was to also support a mobile wallet. The BDK project began by extracting the wallet related work from Tamás’ defiads project and creating mobile friendly wallet APIs and packaging for it. The team also saw a need to help maintain the related rust projects Tamás spearheaded and continue his work.

Planned Features

  1. Tested and signed release builds
  2. Good documentation and community support
  3. Up-to-date with latest rust-bitcoin and other dependency versions
  4. Feature parity between Android and iOS (hardware permitting)
  5. Latest core wallet features (rust-bitcoin, rust-wallet)
    • mnemonic seeds
    • hd key derivation
    • segwit addresses
    • PSBT
    • RBF
  6. Mobile cross platform with native language wrapper APIs
    • Android/Kotlin
    • iOS/Swift
  7. Pluggable options for block data source and outbound tx peers
  8. Eclipse mitigation
    • Configurable block data source diversity
    • Configurable outbound peer diversity
    • Configurable stale tip detection, new peer selection
  9. Pluggable options for wallet and seed data storage
    • Local SQLite
    • Local Flat file
    • Cloud Encrypted flat file (Backup)
  10. Configurable wallet data storage diversity (for backups)
  11. Configurable wallet derivation paths
  12. Plugable coin selection: manual, branch and bound
  13. Miniscript / descriptor support (magical-bitcoin-wallet)
  14. Payjoin support
  15. Integrated TOR proxy
  16. LDK integration (rust-lightning)
  17. Hardware security support
    • Secure enclave key storage and signing
    • Hardware wallet / HWI
    • HSM runtime support like the nShield
  18. Taproot/Schnorr

Road map

20.Q2 - Android POC

  1. POC bdk-android, Testnet
  2. Functional Android/Java API Lib (AAR) and example Android wallet app
  3. Simple website and documentation
  4. Solicit and onboard community devs

20.Q3 - Android API

  1. v0.1.0 bdk-android, Testnet
  2. Finalize initial Android/Java APIs
  3. Block source: bip157/158 (murmel)
  4. Block store: hammersbald (or SQLite?)
  5. Wallet store: SQLite
  6. Improve test coverage, also on murmel and hammersbald
  7. Documentation and community outreach
  8. Onboard part-time sponsored dev

20.Q4 - iOS POC + Android Pipeline

  1. v0.2.0 bdk-android, POC iOS, Testnet
  2. Fix critical bugs, including in dependency projects
  3. Automate CI pipeline, creating and deploying signed AAR builds
  4. Basic iOS example wallet app
  5. PSBT and RBF APIs

21.Q1 - iOS API

  1. v0.3.0 bdk-android, v0.1.0 bdk-ios, Testnet
  2. Finalize initial iOS/Swift APIs
  3. Block source: add electrum client
  4. Update Android API and example wallet app to support electrum client
  5. Documentation and community outreach
  6. Onboard part-time sponsored dev
  7. HWI APIs

21.Q2 - iOS Pipeline, Coin Selection

21.Q3 - Miniscript, Descriptors

21.Q4 - Payjoin, TOR

22. - Mainnet, Secure Enclave Signing

23. - LDK integration