Trait bdk::keys::GeneratableKey

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pub trait GeneratableKey<Ctx: ScriptContext>: Sized {
    type Entropy: AsMut<[u8]> + Default;
    type Options;
    type Error: Debug;

    fn generate_with_entropy(
        options: Self::Options,
        entropy: Self::Entropy
    ) -> Result<GeneratedKey<Self, Ctx>, Self::Error>; fn generate(
        options: Self::Options
    ) -> Result<GeneratedKey<Self, Ctx>, Self::Error> { ... } }
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Trait for keys that can be generated

The same rules about ScriptContext and ValidNetworks from IntoDescriptorKey apply.

This trait is particularly useful when combined with DerivableKey: if Self implements it, the returned GeneratedKey will also implement it. The same is true for IntoDescriptorKey: the generated keys can be directly used in descriptors if Self is also IntoDescriptorKey.

Required Associated Types§

Type specifying the amount of entropy required e.g. [u8;32]

Extra options required by the generate_with_entropy

Returned error in case of failure

Required Methods§

Generate a key given the extra options and the entropy

Provided Methods§

Generate a key given the options with a random entropy

Implementations on Foreign Types§