Trait bdk_wallet::descriptor::template::DescriptorTemplate

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pub trait DescriptorTemplate {
    // Required method
    fn build(
        network: Network
    ) -> Result<DescriptorTemplateOut, DescriptorError>;
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Trait for descriptor templates that can be built into a full descriptor

Since IntoWalletDescriptor is implemented for any DescriptorTemplate, they can also be passed directly to the Wallet constructor.


use bdk_wallet::descriptor::error::Error as DescriptorError;
use bdk_wallet::keys::{IntoDescriptorKey, KeyError};
use bdk_wallet::miniscript::Legacy;
use bdk_wallet::template::{DescriptorTemplate, DescriptorTemplateOut};
use bitcoin::Network;

struct MyP2PKH<K: IntoDescriptorKey<Legacy>>(K);

impl<K: IntoDescriptorKey<Legacy>> DescriptorTemplate for MyP2PKH<K> {
    fn build(self, network: Network) -> Result<DescriptorTemplateOut, DescriptorError> {

Required Methods§


fn build( self, network: Network ) -> Result<DescriptorTemplateOut, DescriptorError>

Build the complete descriptor