data class ElectrumConfig(    var url: String,     var socks5: String?,     var retry: UByte,     var timeout: UByte?,     var stopGap: ULong)

Configuration for an Electrum blockchain.


fun main() { 
   val blockchainConfig = BlockchainConfig.Electrum(
        url = "ssl://electrum.blockstream.info:60002",
        socks5 = null,
        retry = 5u,
        timeout = null,
        stopGap = 200u


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fun ElectrumConfig(    url: String,     socks5: String?,     retry: UByte,     timeout: UByte?,     stopGap: ULong)


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var retry: UByte

Request retry count.

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var socks5: String?

URL of the socks5 proxy server or a Tor service.

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var stopGap: ULong

Stop searching addresses for transactions after finding an unused gap of this length.

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var timeout: UByte?

Request timeout (seconds).

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var url: String

URL of the Electrum server (such as ElectrumX, Esplora, BWT) may start with ssl:// or tcp:// and include a port, e.g. ssl://electrum.blockstream.info:60002.