data class RcpSyncParams(    val startScriptCount: ULong,     val startTime: <Error class: unknown class>,     val forceStartTime: Boolean,     val pollRateSec: ULong)

Sync parameters for Bitcoin Core RPC.

In general, BDK tries to sync scriptPubKeys cached in Database with scriptPubKeys imported in the Bitcoin Core Wallet. These parameters are used for determining how the importdescriptors RPC calls are to be made.


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fun RcpSyncParams(    startScriptCount: ULong,     startTime: <Error class: unknown class>,     forceStartTime: Boolean,     pollRateSec: ULong)


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val forceStartTime: Boolean

Forces every sync to use start_time as import timestamp.

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val pollRateSec: ULong

RPC poll rate (in seconds) to get state updates.

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val startScriptCount: ULong

The minimum number of scripts to scan for on initial sync.

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val startTime: <Error class: unknown class>

Time in unix seconds in which initial sync will start scanning from (0 to start from genesis).