Module bdk_wallet::keys

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Key formats


Output of a GeneratableKey key generation
Options for generating a [PrivateKey]
A descriptor [bitcoin::PrivateKey] with optional origin information.
A descriptor SinglePubKey with optional origin information.
Contents of a “sortedmulti” descriptor


Container for public or secret keys
The descriptor pubkey, either a single pubkey or an xpub.
The descriptor secret key, either a single private key or an xprv.
Enum for extended keys that can be either xprv or xpub
Errors thrown while working with keys
Enum representation of the known valid ScriptContexts
Single public key without any origin or range information.


Trait for keys that can be derived.
Trait that adds extra useful methods to ScriptContexts
Trait that allows generating a key with the default options
Trait for keys that can be generated
Trait for objects that can be turned into a public or secret DescriptorKey
The ScriptContext for Miniscript. Additional type information associated with miniscript that is used for carrying out checks that dependent on the context under which the script is used. For example, disallowing uncompressed keys in Segwit context


Create a set containing mainnet, testnet, signet, and regtest
Create a set only containing mainnet
Compute the intersection of two sets
Create a set containing testnet and regtest

Type Definitions

Alias type for a map of public key to secret key
Set of valid networks for a key