# Examples

Click the links below and learn from community-built example projects.

# BDK-CLI (opens new window)

A command line interface to experiment with the bitcoindevkit.

# DevkitWallet (opens new window)

A demo app for the bitcoindevkit on Android using bdk-kotlin.

# Padawan Wallet (opens new window)

A testnet-only bitcoin wallet full of tutorials on how to use bitcoin wallets.

# BDKSwiftExampleWallet (opens new window)

An example iOS app using bdk-swift.

# Tatooine (opens new window)

Tatooine is a small bitcoin testnet faucet built with Ktor, a Kotlin asynchronous framework for creating microservices and web applications.

# SEBA Bank Proof of reserves (opens new window)

The bdk library aims to be the core building block for Bitcoin wallets of any kind. The bdk-reserves library provides an implementation of proof-of-reserves for bdk.

# Stackmate (opens new window)

A multi-purpose Bitcoin Wallet.

# Spotbit (opens new window)

Spotbit's purpose is to allow users to access price feeds in a customisable way that preserves privacy and mitigate the reliance on a single source of data.