# Bitcoin Dev Kit Foundation

The Bitcoin Dev Kit Foundation (EIN 93-2023051) is established as a US non-profit corporation to promote the development of, public access to and adoption of the free and open source Bitcoin Dev Kit (BDK) library software.

The Foundation aims to achieve this mission by funding the developers who contribute to and maintain the Bitcoin Dev Kit software libraries, documentation, and related infrastructure. We independently raise funds on behalf of the development team, and recruit for, fund, and operate the grant program.

# Board

The current BDK Foundation board is made up of five directors. The board members are all unpaid volunteer positions. All board members are long-time contributors and supporters of the BDK project:

  • Riccardo Casatta
  • Alekos Filini
  • Lloyd Fournier
  • Steve Lee
  • Steve Myers

# Operations

Our operations team handles the day-to-day operations of the Foundation and reports to the board of directors. Our officers are all also active contributors to the development of the software. The five current officers are:

  • Steve Myers, President
  • Daniela Brozzoni, Vice-President
  • Joe Wood, Treasurer
  • thunderbiscuit, Secretary
  • Evan Lin, At-large