class BumpFeeTxBuilder

The BumpFeeTxBuilder is used to bump the fee on a transaction that has been broadcast and has its RBF flag set to true.


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fun BumpFeeTxBuilder()


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fun allowShrinking(address: String): BumpFeeTxBuilder

Explicitly tells the wallet that it is allowed to reduce the amount of the output matching this scriptPubKey in order to bump the transaction fee. Without specifying this the wallet will attempt to find a change output to shrink instead. Note that the output may shrink to below the dust limit and therefore be removed. If it is preserved then it is currently not guaranteed to be in the same position as it was originally. Returns an error if scriptPubkey can’t be found among the recipients of the transaction we are bumping.

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fun enableRbf(): BumpFeeTxBuilder

Enable signaling RBF. This will use the default nsequence value of 0xFFFFFFFD.

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fun enableRbfWithSequence(nsequence: UInt): BumpFeeTxBuilder

Enable signaling RBF with a specific nSequence value. This can cause conflicts if the wallet's descriptors contain an "older" (OP_CSV) operator and the given nsequence is lower than the CSV value. If the nsequence is higher than 0xFFFFFFFD an error will be thrown, since it would not be a valid nSequence to signal RBF.

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fun finish(wallet: Wallet): TxBuilderResult

Finish building the transaction. Returns a TxBuilderResult.