data class TxIn(    var previousOutput: OutPoint,     var scriptSig: Script,     var sequence: UInt,     var witness: List<List<UByte>>)

Bitcoin transaction input.

It contains the location of the previous transaction’s output, that it spends and set of scripts that satisfy its spending conditions.


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fun TxIn(    previousOutput: OutPoint,     scriptSig: Script,     sequence: UInt,     witness: List<List<UByte>>)


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var previousOutput: OutPoint

The reference to the previous output that is being used an an input.

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var scriptSig: Script

The script which pushes values on the stack which will cause the referenced output’s script to be accepted.

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var sequence: UInt

The sequence number, which suggests to miners which of two conflicting transactions should be preferred, or 0xFFFFFFFF to ignore this feature. This is generally never used since the miner behaviour cannot be enforced.

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var witness: List<List<UByte>>

Witness data: an array of byte-arrays. Note that this field is not (de)serialized with the rest of the TxIn in Encodable/Decodable, as it is (de)serialized at the end of the full Transaction. It is (de)serialized with the rest of the TxIn in other (de)serialization routines.