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Balance - class in org.bitcoindevkit
Balance differentiated in various categories.
BITCOIN - enum entry in org.bitcoindevkit.Network

Bitcoin's mainnet.

Blockchain - class in org.bitcoindevkit
A blockchain backend.
BlockchainConfig - class in org.bitcoindevkit
Type that can contain any of the blockchain configurations defined by the library.
BlockchainConfig.Electrum - class in org.bitcoindevkit.BlockchainConfig
Electrum client.
BlockchainConfig.Esplora - class in org.bitcoindevkit.BlockchainConfig
Esplora client.
BlockchainConfig.Rpc - class in org.bitcoindevkit.BlockchainConfig
Bitcoin Core RPC client.
BlockTime - class in org.bitcoindevkit
Block height and timestamp of a block.
broadcast(Transaction) - function in org.bitcoindevkit.Blockchain
Broadcast a transaction.
BumpFeeTxBuilder - class in org.bitcoindevkit
The BumpFeeTxBuilder is used to bump the fee on a transaction that has been broadcast and has its RBF flag set to true.
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